Conrex Leadership

Conrex is led by a diverse management team with a broad base of business and military experience across multiple industries. The management team provides strategic and operational direction to the company's 200 employees working in 11 states across the Southeast and Midwest to fulfill the ultimate mission to positively impact the lives in the communities we serve.

Shawn Persing
Chief Information Officer

Shawn joined Conrex in August 2018 as Chief Information Officer (CIO), providing strategic oversight of information technology activities, sponsoring IT initiatives and working with executives across the company.  He oversees the Information Services and Application Development team, develops IT strategy and coordinates infrastructure and service delivery across the company. He is responsible for technology services which support enterprise applications, enterprise data, research support, teaching and learning, user support, infrastructure, communications, and information security.

Shawn brings over 25 years of experience in the field of information technology and has a diverse background in corporate settings, with extensive experience in revitalizing current IT organizations, mergers and acquisitions, and enterprise computing, as well as telecommunications.  Most recently he served as the Global IT Director of Infrastructure at Albemarle Corporation where he was responsible for the global infrastructure teams and end user computing. 

Shawn is a member of the Evanta CIO Council, SecureWorld Advisory Council, Ballantyne IT Professional’s organization and personally has been active for 28 years in the Masonic organization. Shawn is married and has two children.