Conrex Leadership

Conrex is led by a diverse management team with a broad base of business and military experience across multiple industries. The management team provides strategic and operational direction to the company's 200 employees working in 11 states across the Southeast and Midwest to fulfill the ultimate mission to positively impact the lives in the communities we serve.

Scott Kelly

As President of Conrex, Scott leads the Executive Leadership Team and provides strategic and day-to-day leadership for more than 200 employees across eighteen offices. By continually strengthening the Conrex corporate culture and fostering a climate of continual improvement and efficiency in procedures, while balancing remote oversight with expansive empowerment, Scott ensures strong operational performance and facilitates future growth and encourages the company to positively impact the lives in the communities we serve. 

Formerly, Scott served in the U.S. Army which included numerous deployments for combat and intelligence activities.  Currently, in his spare time, Scott serves as the Executive Director for The Green Beret Project which conducts life-on-life mentoring for high risk youth living in areas of concentrated poverty within several U.S. cities.  Scott resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife.